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Round Tins

Round-shaped tin packaging materials are popular in food, promotional, cosmetic, and gift industries. We cater to these markets and produce a wide range of round-shaped tin packaging that are perfect for your customers¡¯ needs.

The best thing about us is that we have that high capacity to assist you in your tin packaging development ¨C from design ideas up to delivery! Whether you want a supply for round-shaped tins for wholesale cookies or for wines and spirits, we guarantee to meet the demanding needs of your market.


The flexibility and durability of round-shaped tin packaging products make it an ideal solution for a wide range of packaging needs. That is why we manufacture round-shaped tins to meet your market¡¯s demands ¨C whether one for food or beverages. Our wholesale round-shaped tin packaging products can be customised with elegant engraving, embossing or stamping so that it easily captures the eyes of your customers.

Aside from being striking and elegant, we make round-shaped tin containers that are highly-protective and multi-functional; they are also ideal for storage, displays or organizational purposes. They are 100% environment-friendly as they can re-used and recycled. Thanks to the rigid process our tin plates passed through, they get the nod of international standards.

We make a wide array of round-shaped tin packaging, from broad shallow round tins ideal for packaging food such as biscuits and tall round tin packaging for bottled products such as wine and beverage.