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Irregular Shape Tins

Using irregular-shaped tin packaging easily connects to your costumers adding value to its point of sale. That is why we manufacture a wide range of tin cans with irregular shapes, which include heart shape tin, tree shape tin, egg tins, Christmas ball tins, and many more, to meet the demanding needs of your market.

The good thing about using irregular shape tins for packaging is that it has a distinctive appeal to your customers, thus it helps in your product branding.

Our manufactured irregular shape tin packaging materials are not only ideal for making products stand out in the shelf, they are also reliable in keeping them protected during shipping. This adds to the many edge of tin packaging over its competitions.

Irregular shape tins are ideal for toy packaging, luxury packaging, and even for packaging cosmetics.


They are versatile and stylish, that is why irregular shape tin packaging are in-demand in the market right now.

We manufacture a wide range of irregular-shaped tins that stand out and capture your market¡¯s attention.

Irregular shape metal packaging are ideal not only for packaging needs, they also work as promotional tool for your customers¡¯ brands. They can be used as company giveaways or other personal needs, the choice is just endless!

We make bag-shaped tins perfect for children¡¯s party loot bags, heart-shaped tins for Valentine¡¯s Day packaging, or tree-shaped tins for any occasion!

With our in-house tin packaging manufacturing factory you can customise you wholesale tin packaging orders, including its look and finish. You are in control of its colour as well as its interior and exterior finishes.

Our reputation in wholesale tin packaging manufacturing in China was built through keeping quality standards and our fast and reliable service.

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