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Aluminium Jars

Aside from tin packaging materials, we also manufacture aluminum jars in different volume. Aluminium optional with silk screening, labeling and CMYK printing.

Aluminum jars with the seamless bottom and screw function maybe used for packaging solids, semi-solids and other wax based products. Aluminum jars has airtight function.As the lid has PE lining which also food safe for products.

As the most lightweight packaging material, aluminium jars also anti-rust function & has high resistance to most form of corrosion and thus eliminates unwanted environmental factors.

From 10ml, 20ml, 30ml to 100ml, 125ml, 200ml aluminum jars is quite popular and easy taking, especially for short travelling.

Contact us and we will be delighted to assist your wholesale aluminum Jars packaging needs.

When it comes to supplying packaging products to your customers, it is important for them to have options. That is why other than our tin boxes, we also manufacture aluminum jars. Like tin, aluminum is versatile and flexible as well that they can be made in any shape and sizes, giving your clients endless possibilities and options.

Advantage of aluminum packaging:

  • Air-tight & Anti-rust
  • Long shelf life and overall span
  • High resistance to heat and freezing temperatures
  • Easy taking.

Thus, aluminum jars are not only ideal in adding perceived value to your customers¡¯ products, they are more importantly, highly protective of its contents.