As we take in a new order for customized packaging, our customers will know that, when we say we offer “bespoke” metal packaging, we are not only focused, but equipped to deliver exactly what our client asked for.

Whether you want some unusual shape or design, want embossing or debossing, or any other features of special packaging or luxury packaging we are always interested to work with quirky designs, irregular shapes and innovative decorative packaging that definitely creates a worthwhile feature for a particular product.

The packaging industry has a high demand for decorative metal tin, and tinplate and aluminum jars as the predominant metals. Other materials including steel, brass and copper indeed follow up with similar market shares, but these two are the most commonly chosen, for a number of reasons including easy to manufacture, lightweight and low cost.

As a Tin & Aluminum Box Manufacturer in China, we also export large consignments of fancy packaging to various locations worldwide, based on demand. With over 6years of continued work and prior experience in the same field, the workforce at Dongguan City Dexin Can Co., Ltd is one with a broad understanding for diverse markets, and their needs.

Now, to elaborate on the services surrounding a consignment of metal packaging, whether for a local or international client, we at Dongguan City Dexin Can Co. focus on some core attributes that makes us outstanding, that include:

  • Designing

Usually our clients come to us, with some unique design for their customized tin box or aluminum jars, whereas, sometimes they also ask for advice, based on their vision, to prepare the ideal. As you ask for it, we deliver. Talk to our in-house industry experts about your vision, or wish, or anything. We will deliver you unique and attractive designs, in unique shapes and formats that are apt for the particular product.

  • All Items Have Passed Diverse Safety Tests from LFGB, FDA, EN71, and SVHC

Metal is very common for cosmetics packaging and food packaging.  Aluminum and tin in its raw form can cause harmful impact on the user’s health. Hence, we keep no stone unturned to deliver our clients safe products that can be instantly sent for the packaging process. We are extensively certified on diverse natures of safety tests, by top certifiers in the world. You can check out our certificates section in our website to know more.

  • Responsive Customer Support

When a project is scoped with us, we have experienced that the relationship and requirement of each customer, is largely unique. So a 24/7/365 customer support ensures seamless connectivity and response to prevent or fix any unwanted situation.

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