Aluminum Jars And Tin BoxMetal Packaging Ideal For Innovative Shapes And Sizes

The shapes and size of a container makes an iconic feature for a product. Nowadays, the container of a product holds lot of significance in marketing and brand establishment, irregular shapes and designs make it worthwhile. For such a demand, the functionality of metal packaging, most significantly, the variants of Aluminum Jars and Tin Box is ideal.

Dongguan City Dexin Can Co., Ltd we understand the core values of our customers, when they turn up to us to consult about the perfect customized packaging for their products, and the industries include:

  • Food Packaging, which includes beverages, tea caddy and coffee gift package, chocolate metal box, cookie/biscuit tin box and the most famous, Christmas Gift Package that usually contain confectionaries.
  • Promotional Tin Package are those used to pack special gifts and tokens, ideally given as complimentary at hotels, or with retail products, and assorted products for promotion. This is same as advertising tin box.
  • Luxury Tin Packaging for luxury and gourmet food items, such as candies, cheese, or even bath products and cosmetics, or candle tin box
  • Kids Lunch Box
  • A variety of Cosmetic Tin Package and Cosmetic Aluminum Jars including cream tin, face cream aluminum box, 15ml lip balm aluminum jars
  • A wide range of decorative metal tin

The best thing about aluminum and tinplate is that they are very versatile. They can be used for all the above mentioned purposes with an eclectic solution, for innovative special packages.

The true beauty of aesthesis is when it merges well with functionality. So whether you want round aluminum jars, or square shape, hexagonal, or the face or features of a cartoon character. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to decorative packaging.

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