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Square Tins

We know how adding a sense of style and sophistication in packaging can add to a product¡¯s value. That is why we make square-shaped tins that meet your customers¡¯ demanding taste. Whether for whisky packaging or for wholesale cookies, we supply wholesale metal packaging materials that will push your customers¡¯ products quickly off the shelf. Our bespoke tin packaging solution ensures you get striking tin packaging that your customers will be able to use for a long time ¨C even after consuming your products.

The food, promotions, and cosmetic industries among others can be quite demanding when it comes to packaging their products. That is why we make square shape tin packaging for wholesale that offers a convenient and stylish ways to package many different products. We manufacture square-shaped tin packaging can be customised to your market¡¯s specific needs.

With our in-house printing factory, you are in control as to how your square tin cans will look, colour and finish wise.

Our tin plates went through a rigid process and thus passed international standards, making them food safe whilst durable.

Give us a call and let us assist you in the production of your wholesale square tin packaging needs. We will be glad to give you professional advice for your metal packaging¡¯s look and finish.

We have a minimum order requirement of 3000 for new square tin moulding and 1000 pieces for existing moulding.