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Rectangular Tins

Supplying for rectangular-shaped tin packaging for various brands can be quite competitive. That is why we make sure to manufacture our rectangular tins using the highest quality standards.

We produce rectangular-shaped tin packaging solutions that are made to put products stand out among its competitions. Whether you need deep to shallow rectangular tins or seemed and rolled or seamless tins of various profiles and sizes, we can make them for you. Add to that, we also manufacture numerous options for its lid ¨C window lid, hinged lid, loose lid, and more!

We understand the massive contribution of rectangular shape tin packaging to a product¡¯s perceived value. That is why we make rectangular tins for various industries that are not just proven to be durable and child-safe, but are attractive and sophisticated enough to capture buyers¡¯ attention.
Our proven record gives us a renowned reputation among tin manufacturers in China. We make a wide array of rectangular-shaped tins whether for creative toy packaging, luxury packaging, and even toy packaging. You can also have your rectangular tin packaging custom-made according to your customers¡¯ demands and requirements. You can choose for its interior to have glossy or gold finish; its exterior with matte, glossy, special rubber, crackle, or pearl finish.

Passing through a rigor process to adhere to international standards, our tin packaging materials are guaranteed to be durable and environment-friendly.

Our wholesale rectangle tins are ideal for promotional purposes or for giveaways as well.